Advanced Material Structures
Specializing in all Honeycomb Cores
Defense Composite Panel Structures
Aerospace and Military Paint Services
Protective FOD Shields and FOD Mats
Build to Print Services

• Bonding
• Mechanical assembly
• Machining
• Waterjet Cutting
• Conversion Coating
• Commercial Painting
• Powder Coating
• Welding (Mig &Tig)
  • AMS-STD 1595A
  • MIL-STD-1595A
  • MIL-W-8604
  • AWS-D17.1:2000
  • AWS-D1.2:2003

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FOD Shield

Our FOD Shield is a heavy-duty rubberized work mat engineered to provide the most technically advanced protection for costly composite structures that are subject to damage upon impact.

FOD Shield has been designed to reduce impact by more than five times the weight of the force hitting the shield.

FOD Shield has been tested by an independent testing laboratory...

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Fabricated Products

Advanced Custom Manufacturing has a broad knowledge base in composite materials. We fabricate honeycomb sandwich panels made from a variety of materials including Fiberglass, Kevlar, Graphite Prepregs along with Nomex, Fiberglass and Aluminum honeycomb core and various foam cores. These structures provide high strength to weight ratios, durability, lightweight and unique fabrication techniques. Incorporating the benefits of composite materials into your design will enhance your products appeal to your end user.

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company profile

Plastic Reinforcements(ACMFG) has a 32 year history serving major aerospace OEM’s, military organizations, architectural designers, major airlines and the entertainment industry. Manufacturing composite panels, complex laminates, mechanical and bonded assemblies for defense, avionics, aerospace, sporting goods, marine and green energy. Producing composite and other advanced material structures and assemblies at Plastic Reinforcements allows our customers to consolidate their supplier base, lowering operating costs.

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