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1/25/2015 Boeing Approved Processing

Please note our paint and silkscreen is now a Boeing approved process, we offer this through other vendors to you, but you can always go direct to us!

Approved Processes:
  • HP15-90 (Composite Lay Up and Cure)
  • HP18-15 (Foam CORE Processes)
  • HP18-16( Composite Trim and Drill)
  • EPB4-232 (Coatings Processes)
  • EPB15-147 (Claves, Ovens and Presses)
  • HP8-15 (Silkscreen)
Approved Equipment & Areas:
  • Hydraulic Press 4′ x 24′ Approved
  • 5 Axis Router Approved
  • Class A Spray Booth and All Paint Equipment Approved
  • Silkscreen Materials, Light Table and Screen Programming Approved
  • Lay Up Room Temperature/Humidity Controlled, with Positive Pressure, Particulate Counter and Controlled daily data analysis of room conditions Approved


12/2014 Utilities Down 60%, Production Ability Up 3 Fold

New Modifications to PRI / AC Mfg Production Press. Read about our new upgrades by Clicking Here