FOD Protection

FOD Protection

FOD Shield Protects:


  • Tool and Part damage in machine shops
  • Carbon tooling from damage
  • Aerospace structures during maintenance, assembly and repair
  • Aircraft interiors and cargo floors during construction
  • Transportation flooring
  • Any high value delicate surface
  • Ultra High foot traffic areas
  • Chemical exposure to sensitive surfaces
  • Packaging from exposure to oils, solvents, chemicals.
  • Engines, all types, from FOD during transit

The FOD Shield has been tested by an independent testing laboratory for standard aerospace applications to determine water absorption characteristics and specific gravity. Testing also has determined the tensile ultimate elongation for degreasing, skydrol, JP-4 and deicing fluid. Resistance against other chemicals, oils and solvents has been documented for over 400 types. Other test/documentation include:

  • Impact Testing showing more than 6X energy disbursement:
    • .190,.250,.375 THICKNESS RESULTS
    • 2’, 5’ and 10’ drop heights
    • Various weights ranging from 2-50 lbs.
  • Burn test
    • Tested per ASTM D635-10
    • Rated @ HB per ASTM D635-10 Appendix X1.2.4 with its burn rate of less than 40 mm/min.
  • 24 hour submersion test
    • Tested 24 hour in Skydrol
    • Tested 24 hour JP4
    • Tested 24 hour in de-Icing fluid
  • Exposure test
    • 24 Exposure to 150 degree Fahrenheit temps.(simulating a Tarmac)
    • 24 hour exposure to -60 degree Fahrenheit
  • Load Test
    • 180 lbs./per 24 hour period.

FOD shield also offers a non-slip surface and a specialized suction bottom for superior fit/non-marking solutions on delicate surfaces.

The FOD Shield is currently used throughout the Aerospace/DOD/Industrial and technical Packaging Markets. Satisfied customers include, USMC, USAF, ATK, NGC, GE AVIATION, ROCKWELL COLLINS, BOEING, DISNEY, LOCKHEED MARTIN and others.

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