Honeycomb Core Machining

Honeycomb Core Machining

Advanced Custom Manufacturing’s familiarity with honeycomb and foam cores, adhesive core splicing / stabilizing / final assembly foam / film adhesive bond requirements, allows our customers to minimize fit-check and pre-fit times.

Advanced Custom Manufacturing can offer CORE machining, lay up and bonding for our customers. Honeycomb CORE profiling and/or fabricated honeycomb CORE components adds ease and precision to the assembly process. This is our CORE competency and makes us a one stop shop for all of our customers bonded assembly needs.

Value-Added processing begins with honeycomb or foam core material. Operating in CAD/CAM and combined with our staff’s extensive composites manufacturing expertise, Advanced Custom Manufacturing machines/forms, bonds and test the complete detailed assembly.

  • Precision handwork rout, trim and chamfer operations
  • CORE Programming, in-house tool fabrication
  • 5-axis router and part machining
  • Oven processing

Over 30 years of producing honeycomb core panels and bonded assemblies components for the industry’s leading manufacturers. We are continually improving and provide a service with uncompromising integrity for our customers and vendors alike.


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