Fabricated Products

Fabricated Products

Our composite materials fabrication abilities includes panel fabrication, chemfilm/paint, insert installation and edgefill for a component that is installation ready. The panel structures can be flat and processed in our heated platen presses, or contoured and vacuum bonded in one of our walk in ovens. We are not just limited to panels, but fabricate build to print parts including laminates of Kevlar, Fiberglass and Graphite. We also routinely build metal-to-metal bonded assemblies. View our project gallery for some of our projects.

Honeycomb panel fabrication is Advanced Custom Manufacturings’s manufacturing base of operation. We can make virtually any panel to your requirements. Our capabilities are directed to the finished product. Click Here to download our Panel Manufacturing Questionnaire. You can Fax or Email the information to us for evaluation.

Need a super flat panel? Our 5′ x 10′ surface table gives us the capability to manufacture small, medium and large panels to meet your needs.

How about a 4′ x 24′ honeycomb sandwich panel? Our large 4′ x 24′ hydraulic platen press gives us the ability to make large flat lightweight structures.

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